November 12-13th

2-day workshop "Groupmind" with Cameron Davis

Cameron Davis is back with a new two-day workshop “Groupmind”.

The improv group is more important than the improv player because the group is funnier, smarter, and more adventurous. We'll practice working as a group by observing more, repeating patterns, and supporting moves before we know what they mean. This workshop develops groupmind, which leads to engaging improv shows, by encouraging the group to:

- Observe more to stay in the moment
- Judge less to contribute more
- Recognize and repeat patterns to quickly discover ideas
- Make fast, simple moves that do not need intelligence
- Support teammates without understanding them so you can jump out of the plane and figure it out on the way down
- Build an improv world that is bigger than the sum of its parts so the audience will always remember itGroupmind is a pillar of Harold, the hardest and scariest improv form.

2-day workshop, e.g. 5 hours per day
10 to 20 participants
All skill levels will be taken care of

The workshop takes palace on November 12th and 13th

Workshop schedule each day:

10:00 Start

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Restart after lunch

16:00 Finish

"I was thoroughly inspired and went home with a renewed love for improv every time."- Kadi, Stupid, Simple improv course participant

"More than technical skills, Cameron teaches us the right attitude to improvise the right way: easy and fun! Nothing is ever a problem!"- Aree, Impro Neuf Artistic Director

"It's the perfect balance of having tons of fun while also pushing my boundaries as an improviser."- Troels, Harold student

A photo of Cameron in the event poster is already building Groupmind with you. Cameron Davis has been performing long and short form improv for ten years and teaching for six. His style of teaching is less talk, more action. He'll get you doing more of the things that make improv easy and less of the things that make improv difficult. He knows that fun improv relies on skills that must be practiced into habit. The principles he teaches are sincerity, reliability and respect.